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for Export products

We are working with leading international agents and partners with endless global security technology development

European / Chinese Mortise

We have developed and responded to Multi-Dead Volt Mortise for a variety of local cultures and environments.

Response to various installation environments

Various adaption of door thickness from 70mm up to 100mm

  • Various connection pins for stable internal/external fixing
  • Various square bars for stable handle operation
  • Supply Extension Hardness

BIO Technology

State of the art Area Type Semiconductor premium Fingerprint Recognition system

Why Area type?

  • It’s convenient to recognize it right away without key pad waking-up.
  • Safe with High Reliability(lower misperception rate and fast response velocity)

Various future-oriented Home & Commercial Security System

  • Smart Door Lock and Entry/Exit Solution only for Hotels (Motel)
  • Smart Door lock only for wooden doors(room door)
  • Bluetooth-based smart door lock solution for responding IoT