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Smart Life


UNICOR Smart Life Service is an exclusive Smart door lock Service which is based on wireless and IoT technology. It allows you to manage real-time access records and door lock function settings through dedicate app, in addition to basic functions such as opening and closing of doors using smart phone.

Safety and Convenience with Smart Technology


  • Location base Smart open (Auto opening)

  • Real-time push Notification service

  • App open/Close function

  • Remote Open/close

  • Password Change

  • One-Time use Password

  • Access record check


Using state-of-art location-based G.Area technology, the door lock opens automatically when you just get to the door lock with registered smart phone. Enjoy the innovative easy life with powerful security technology.


A light touching the key pad only with registered smart phone can open the door lock and this Magic Touch service is a unique PATENT technology of UNICOR HIGHTEC. You can choose between Smart open and Magic touch.

Remote Open/Close

You can open/close the door lock by the smart phone app

Welcome Function

[ Real Time Push Alarm ]
Were you worried about your child's safe return home in the absence? You can check the entry and exit of family members through the real-time push alarm.

Guest Key Generating Function

This function is useful for people who enter certain places for a short period of time, such as motels, public servants, etc. You can create a Guest Key that can only be used for a specified entry period.

Single-use Password Generating Function

Useful functions for once-in-a-time visitors such as courier driver, a guest, etc. This is convenient single-use password generating function that is used only once and is deleted automatically after using.

Easy and Fast Setting Change

The smartphone-only app makes it easy, fast and secure to change the password of the door lock/setting a single-use password/Smart Open/Magic Touch functions.

UNICOR Bluetooth Door Lock with Smart Life Service

The Smart Life Service is available on every UNICOR Door Lock products with Bluetooth. Check the BLUETOOTH mark printed on the product.


Using Bluetooth Door Lock only

Using WiFi together

Remote Open/Close

  • Available at close (Bluetooth receiving) range
  • Available in real-time at far, nationwide and anywhere in the world

Changing Settings

  • Available at close (Bluetooth receiving) range
  • Available in real-time at far, nationwide and anywhere in the world

You can use remote control and all functions of Smart Life service in real-time by interlinking UNICOR Bluetooth door lock with UNICOR Smart Life WiFi bridge.

UNICOR Smart Life Service is delivered to the Smart Life WiFi Bridge through a wireless router that is being used at home or office. It makes you control the smart door lock freely.

UNICOR Smart Life App

Search Google Play Store and Apple App Store for "Unico Smart Life"

Supportive smart phone specification

Most smart phones are supported, but depending on the hardware specification or function, they may not be supported or have limited functionality.

It is also recommended that you upgrade your OS to the latest version for easy compatibility

※ Recommend OS
OS Version : Android V5.0 and higher / iOS V10.0 and higher