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You should change Key cylinder(there is no mechanical key cylinder for Smart key/digital key only products), please contact distributors or service center.

You can delete all registered key by using deleting registered key function.

If you want to have new keys, please contact distributors or service center.

You can purchase our products at UNICOR HITEC Distributors.

please contact distributors or service center.

1. All UNICOR’S Smart Door Lock products have a basic water-proof function. However, it is not recommended to install the product where the rain is directly fitted and exposed for a long period time, it may cause malfunction or failure   by water to seep into the product.

2. It is not recommended to install it on the place with strong direct sunlight and high temperature. They may cause of discoloration, cracking, alarm sounds and malfunction of the product.

If it installed through Unicor HighTech's official distributors, experts can install it safely and accurately.

Please contact to our service center to get distributor’s information.

Depending on the installation environment and the installation area, additional costs can be incurred.

1. In case of Mortise lock, press the handle anchorage which is located inside of the door lock and turn the handle to change in the direction you want.

2. In case of Rim Lock with sliding cover, unfasten the bolt in the battery insertion position and turn the outer body. Then, secure the bolt again to change the direction you want.

​3. It automatically changes left and right, so you can change it in the direction of your choice without having to disassemble it or set up a program.

Check bellows.                                             

​1. Please check the auto locking is set or not.

2. Please check the gap between door lock and other side door frame. The Gap should be within 5mm

3. Make sure that the connection cable is open circuit, the connector is incorrectly engaged, and the connector pins are bent or not again.

​If not resolve the problems with the above checks please contact to service center or the shop where you buy the door lock.

At least 38mm to 55mm are recommended for installation.

For doors larger than 55mm thick, a separate auxiliary part (sold separately) is required. Please contact the customer center.

You can install the relocation if you contact a local door lock company.

If you do not have company information, please contact the Customer Center and we will guide you to the nearest service center.