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Unicor Hightech's CI(Corporate Identity) is representing tradition and pride as a doorlock specialist and BI(Brand Identity) means future-oriented high technology home security products.


  • Symbolmark

    Unicor Hightech' symbol mark stands for an eagle, condor, the guardian from the ancient legend, implying vision and thoughts of customer-friendly and win-win business philosophy of Unicor, who prioritizing safety for customers all the time since established in 1970.


UNICOR is a compound word of “UNION + CORPORATION” and it reflects spirit of foundation to be a company for unification and communication. Visualized with this motive, company's logo should be used as a signature combination as below.

  • Korean Logotype

    Korean Logotype

  • English Logotype

    English Logotype


  • Korean Slogan

    Korean Slogan

    This refers to our commitment to fulfill our responsibilities as Korea's leading manufacturer of smart door locks, which has become the first Korean manufacturer to obtain national standards certification

  • English Slogan

    English Slogan

    This is an expression of pride and a sense of mission to grow into a global home security company and create products and services that are responsible for the safety of people around the world.


Signature combinations should be used only in the form of the above, based on the combination of Korean and English, horizontal and vertical and It should be used without any change in size or color.

  • Korean Vertical-combination

    Korean Vertical-combination

  • Korean Horizontal-combination

    Korean Horizontal-combination

  • English Vertical-combination

    English Vertical-combination

  • English Horizontal-combination

    English Horizontal-combination

Brand Identity



    UNICOR is

    • First in Korea

      The shining quality and technology of industry’s first KS national standards acquisition

    • Best in Korea

      Since 1970, The native home security company with the longest history

    • World No. 1

      Made in Korea, It is made with World No. 1, Korean technology

    Luxurious Smart Door Lock Brand



    “UNICOR PLAZA” is selected Off-Line Smart Door Lock Stores that are provide premium models for expert use with reasonable price.



    “LINK FAMILY”, the professional brand, is provided to the company which passed the strict qualification standards of UNICOR and it is managed by UNICOR.


  • Unicor Red

    CMYK : C0 M100 Y100 K25
    RGB : R191 G0 B8

  • Unicor Black

    CMYK : C0 M0 Y0 K100
    RGB : R0 G0 B0

  • Unicor Gray

    CMYK : C0 M0 Y0 K70
    RGB : R113 G113 B113